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Stated Income Commercial Loan

Stated Income Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan Programs that do not require personal or business tax returns. There is absolutely no statement or verification of personal or business income, no personal debt coverage and no W-2 forms or wage statements required. Commercial Stated Income Mortgages have amazingly very low rates.

City Capital Realty stated income commercial real estate loans are perfect for self-employed investors who due to many write offs do not show the income.

Stated Income Commercial Loan/ Mortgage Benefits
  • No individual or business tax returns and no k-1’s required
  • No form 4506-T
  • No personal or global debt to income ratio
  • No pay stubs or W-2 forms
  • No employment verification
  • No business bank statements
  • 660 Minimum Credit Score
Stated Income Commercial Loan

City Capital realty offers stated income commercial loan, providing financing for borrowers that don’t qualify for one of the conforming commercial loan programs.

Common causes consist of: lack of ability to provide income, property constraints, tenant issues, borrower credit.

City Capital Realty Stated Income commercial building Loan Opportunity provides more competitive funding for property owners requiring a reduced document or stated income option.

The Stated Income commercial Loan Program does not require personal or business tax returns, individual fiscal documents, and has no monthly or even yearly reporting demands. Please Bear In Mind: The subject property will need to cash flow.

Successfully Refinance or Buy Commercial Real Estate

Consider a stated income commercial real estate loan if you’re in need of a viable alternative to a traditional commercial loan. Stated income loans are ideal for business owners who desire to purchase or refinance commercial real estate. City Capital Realty is here to help you expand your business capabilities as efficiently as possible.


Small business owners who experience large fluctuations in income from year to year might have difficulty with their banks. A no-income check loan might be an option.

Foreign borrowers who do not file tax returns often can’t obtain financing at their bank. A stated income loan might be the solution. This would also include out of state investors, as we have no residency requirements.

Properties that have experienced vacancy or turnover might not reflect enough income on their tax returns to qualify for a conventional commercial mortgage. A lite doc loan might help in this case. These loans include recently rented or recently stabilized properties with limited track record.

Borrowers who do not qualify for bank financing and need a more relaxed approach to income qualification. This might include borrowers with limited seasoning or limited experience owning their properties.

Borrowers with limited post-closing liquidity. Our net worth and liquidity requirements are lower than the local bank.

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, we have the right solutions available for your stated income or no income verification loan. We will entertain loan requests of all sizes, with the following programs:

Standard Program:

Best for credit worthy business owners and investors looking for an alternative to restrictive bank requirements.

Owner-Occupied Stated Income Program:

Best for owner occupied properties where the self-employed business owner has difficulty proving their income, as required by their local banks.

Lite Doc Investor Program:

Best for investors unable to disclose certain financial data or those whose commercial properties are more valuable than a tax return might indicate.

Bank Statement Program:

Best for business owners who prefer to document their income by providing their monthly bank statements instead of providing their tax returns.

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